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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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1. Flying Pirate
(Android Apps/Android Games)
... island with a tropical jungle and the sea, in this awesome endless adventure game. Here we are on the showdown in this epic sim game, are you ready to fight against yourself to become the myth of pirates ...
2. School Bus Racing
...  School Bus Racing is a fun racing game that shows you just what school bus drivers get up to their work is done! Drive through ten increasingly challenging courses on your road to being the king of ...
3. Sweet College Cheerleader
(Games/Dress up)
...  Sweet College Cheerleading is a game for girls. You always dreamed to be a cheerleader and it's time to dress to show everybody you can be in the team for this year. Have fun playing cheerleader. ...
4. My Personal Avatar
(Games/Dress up)
...  Avatar always used to have a terror look. Don't you wish to show your personal avatar to look beautiful in front of all. Let’s dressup a girl with nice color costumes. Play now this free dressup game. ...
5. Trucks on Fire
Description: Trucks on fire is a driving game. Compete against your adversaries and show to be the number one! Use the keyboard's buttons to speed up and slow down. Have fun with this free driving game. ...
6. The Road is Mine
Description: The Road is Mine is a driving game. It is divided into different levels and the difficulty increases. Show to be a real pilot avoiding all the obstacles. Use the arrows keys to move your ...
7. Monster Buggy Madness
Description: Monster Buggy Madness improves your driver skills! Use keyboard's arrows to drive through the most difficult speedways! Show your driver's skills! Have fun with this free driving game.   ...
8. Border Defense
... and show them your power. Play this shooting game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: Mouse and Keyboard        ...
9. Pretty Cure Dress Up
(Games/Dress up)
Description: Kise is a strong girl with a good heart. She is good at sympathizing with others, and will always keep a promise. Although she is great at drawing manga, she has never shown anyone her work ...
10. Beautiful Nurse Dress Up
(Games/Dress up)
Description: Beautiful Nurse Dress Up is a free "Dressup" girl game. Play the game, dress up the nurse and show the result.Content Rating: Everyone.Control Scheme:  ...
11. Gossip Gal
(Games/Dress up)
Description: Enjoy dressing up one of the gossip girls from the TV series! Whether you watch them online or on TV, their fashion statements are one of a kind. Try on your favorite outfits and accessories!Content ...
12. A.R.C.S
... The crosshair shows the shot radius and ammo. Content rating: Teen.Control Scheme:  ...
13. Carnival Showdown
Description: Roll up, roll up, for the Carnival Showdown! Get your gun, flex that twitchy trigger finger, and become the best shooter in town.Content rating: Everyone.Instructions: Use the mouse to ...
14. Memory
Description: Memory game with high scores and difficulty levels.Content rating: Everyone.Instructions: Select a level. This will set the amount of time the picture is shown. Push start and click on ...
15. Harry Quantum
Description: Harry Quantum\'s first outing, this time he\'s got a job to recover some TV shows for a producer called Mr C who has mislaid them. The job involved Aliens, The Holy Grail, Hospital Dramas, ...
16. Starmageddon
... here on Earth we have an endless supply of fighter jocks with the right stuff to trash their entire armada from a single man spacecraft? Oh well, I suppose you\'d better get out there and show them who\'s ...
17. Mary Kate Olsen Dress Up
(Games/Dress up)
... all remember Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from the hit television show Full House. Dress her up to look pretty for her next movie premiere! Dress up now Mary-Kate Olsen!  ...
18. Archibald's Adventures
(Downloadable Games/Puzzles)
... 128MB RAM * OpenGL ',1,13,0,67,'2009-12-09 11:24:59',62,'','2012-08-23 15:47:16',62,0,'0000-00-00 00:00:00','2009-12-09 11:24:59','0000-00-00 00:00:00','','','show_title=\nlink_titles=\nshow_intro=\nshow_section=\nlink_section=\nshow_category=\nlink_category=\nshow_vote=\nshow_author=\nshow_create_date=\nshow_modify_date=\nshow_pdf_icon=\nshow_print_icon=\nshow_email_icon=\nlanguage=\nkeyref=\nreadmore=',4,0,1,'Downloadable-Puzzles, ...
19. ArcaMania
(Downloadable Games/Arcade)
... 15:08:30',62,0,'0000-00-00 00:00:00','2009-12-09 11:22:49','0000-00-00 00:00:00','','','show_title=\nlink_titles=\nshow_intro=\nshow_section=\nlink_section=\nshow_category=\nlink_category=\nshow_vote=\nshow_author=\nshow_create_date=\nshow_modify_date=\nshow_pdf_icon=\nshow_print_icon=\nshow_email_icon=\nlanguage=\nkeyref=\nreadmore=',2,0,1,'Downloadable-Arcade, ...
20. Remote Control
(Games For Other Sites/Games For Other Sites)
      In Remote Control, you are home from school for a snow day and your dad is making you study ... however your favorite shows are on TV ... what should you do? CHANGE THE CHANNEL! ...


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