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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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1. Flooded Village Holland
...  Flooded Village Holland is a very fun game. Welcome to the Netherlands! Dig rivers and flip switches to guide water through the village. Water the cows, help the sailors set sail, but be careful ...
2. Witch Princess Dress Up
(Games/Dress up)
Description: Play Witch Princess, a free dress up game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: Mouse        ...
3. A.R.C.S
ckquote>Description: Command a squad of mercenaries to protect your base. Instructions: Use your MOUSE to aim and fire. Use the left and right ARROW Keys to switch weapons. Up ARROW to manually reload. ...
4. Strike Force Heroes
...  E or Ctrl: Activate Killstreak Q or Shift: Switch Weapon R: Reload S or Down: Crouch W, Up, or Space: Jump WASD or ...
5. Dead Zed
... Shoot - Left mouse button Reload - R or Double Click when empty Switch weapons - 1 or 2 Switch fire mode - F Mute - M Pause menu - Esc Control Scheme:  ...
6. Magic Mayhem
... click to release spell. Space : switch spells. I : purchase spells. Use Mochi store to purchase more spells and the upgrades. May the light guide you, Godspeed Hero. Play now Magic Mayhem on Games For ...
7. Machineman Alliance
... now Machineman Alliance on gamesforgame.com!Content rating: Everyone.Instructions: 1P:Move with 'AD', Jump with 'W', Attack/Charge/Open power switch with 'S' 2P:Move with '??', Jump with '?', Attack/Charge/Open ...
8. Carnival Showdown
Description: Roll up, roll up, for the Carnival Showdown! Get your gun, flex that twitchy trigger finger, and become the best shooter in town.Content rating: Everyone.Instructions: Use the mouse to ...
9. Quick Switch
Description: You will need quick reactions if you wish to successfully activate the platforms and get your ball to the target. Activate platforms snappily and in succsession to ready them for your ...
10. Archmage
(Downloadable Games/Action)
... from the Underworld and invaded the Shire. You fight, as either a young mage with his mighty dragon or as his sister Witch with her mystical unicorn, and destroy hordes of giant Orcs, monstrous insects, ...
11. Magic Spells
Description: Type magic words to outsmart the evil witch. Fun way to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Amazing graphics and great sounds will keep you hooked until the end. Content Rating: Everyone. ...
12. Alpha Station 7
... key #2 to switch to a sonic shell, key #3 for shockwave key #1 to load standard ammo. Control Scheme: fire: left mouse movement: wasd        ...
13. Hopover Puzzle
Description: Classic puzzle - can you switch the red and blue frogs?Content Rating: Everyone. Instructions: The objective is to move the red frogs to the right and the blue frogs to the left. You move ...
14. Witch Lore
Description: Witch Lore, a puzzle game. Destroy all blocks using mouse. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: fire: left mouse movement: mouse        ...


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