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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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1. Flying Pirate
(Android Apps/Android Games)
... island with a tropical jungle and the sea, in this awesome endless adventure game. Here we are on the showdown in this epic sim game, are you ready to fight against yourself to become the myth of pirates ...
2. Bus Controller
Bus Controller - on Games For Game - GFG Description:  ...
3. Need A Hero
Description: Need hero is a very simple and funny game. Help our young friend to save the entrapped mouses by using arrows! Have fun with this free skill game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: ...
4. Star Squad Defense
Description: Squad Star Defense is a fun and simple game. Defend your territory from enemies, with ever more powerful weapons! Have fun with this free shooting game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control ...
5. Girl Next Door
(Games/Dress up)
... You simply cannot miss the chance of learning some this sweetie's “Girl Next Door” fashion style secrets. Play this dressup game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme:  ...
6. Traffic Mania
Traffic Mania - on Games For Game - GFG div#all { width: 640px; height:520px;  ...
7. Gravity Racer
... simple and addictive one button mulitplayer game (simulated) that everyone can enjoy. Easy to pick up and play. Content rating: EveryoneControl Scheme:  ...
8. Simple motions 2
... left mouse movement: mouse Simple motions 2 on GamesForGame - GFG  ...
9. Wordz
Description: Wordz is now on gamesforgame.com! Wordz is a brand-new free online word puzzle which combines classic crossword basis with simple swap-and-match gameplay perfectly. Test your vocabulary and ...
10. Flash Memory
Description: Stylish and addictive memory game that everyone can pick up. Challenge yourself in this simple, addictive and stylish game. Learn in 5 seconds, and test your raw memory skill in Flash ...
11. Twindows
... Simply click on a window and then click on another window to find his twin, you\'ll always find new ones... when you have at least 40% success you can move to the next level.  ...
12. NerveJangla
Description: Are your nerves strong enough to help you get through over 30 levels of mini puzzle games and skill challenges?Content Rating: Everyone.Instructions: Use the mouse and follow the simple ...
13. Spiderman 3: Battle Within
Description: Play through this step by step battle simulation game based on battle in Spiderman 3 the movie. Content Rating: Everyone.        ...
14. Homer the Flanders Killer
Description: Homer the Flanders Killer - Home has finally had enough of the Flanders goody-two-shoes attitude and is now killing them all. Content Rating: Everyone.      
15. Crystal Cave Classic
(Downloadable Games/Adventure)
...  * Use teleports, boulders and other types of rocks to solve levels * Four graphic scenarios and an original music * A simple editor to create your own levels Minimum requirements: * PC ...
16. DinoKids - Archery
Description: DinoKids - Archery is simple and fun mini game. With a cute dinosaur character you can shoot an arrow and compete the score. Content Rating: Everyone. Instructions: Arrow keys : Angle Spacebar ...
17. Event Horizon
Description: Navigate your ship through a multi-dimensional rift in spacetime. Destroy waves of inter-dimensional aliens as you fight your way back to Earth. Straight forward, yet compelling gameplay. ...
18. Where Am I
... the "right target", you have to predict the right "jumping power". Content Rating: Everyone. Instructions: Just simpli left click mouse on a button. Just click on a button to start setting "jumping power", ...
19. Fall
Description: How far can you fall? Collect powerups, hit the targets, and avoid obstacles while trying to reach the other side while the entire stage morphs and twists around you Content Rating: Everyone ...
20. Laser Dodge 2
Description: Simply dodge lasers in one of two modes.Content Rating: Teen Instructions: Fairly simple, arrows move, dodge lazers. Control Scheme: movement: arrow        ...


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