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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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Match Fruits
Match Fruits Match Fruits



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1. Match Fruits
(Free Games For Your Site/Free Games For Your Site)
...  src="https://gamesforgame.com/html5/matchfruitsweb/"></iframe>   Game Title: Match Fruits   Platforms: PC, Tablet, Smartphone   Controls: "Mouse" on PC, "Touch" on Smartphone and ...
2. Bubble Pop
... Pop is a platform game that lets you play in one or two player. Get all the bubbles, but watch the ghosts are behind you! Through all the levels and win. Use the keyboard to move your character. Good Luck! ...
3. Where is Toilet
Where is Toilet - on Games For Game - GFG Description:  ...
4. Dragoniada
Description: Dragoniada is a game in which our dragon friend needs you. Help him to pass the levels in caves and forests but be careful the enemies are hidden everywhere. Content Rating: Everyone. Control ...
5. Acorn Hunt
Description: Acorn Hunt is an adventure game. Our friend squirrel needs to eat to survive the winter. Help him in this adventure! Have fun with this free adventure game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control ...
6. Icestar Firestar Go Home
Description: Icestar Firestar Go Home is a 2 player adventure game. Icestar and firestar to find the way home, need to collect all the diamonds so, let us help them through all the levels. Have fun with ...
7. Skating Blocks
Description: The player is placed in the role of a blue blob, who must jump from platform to platform in order to delay his inevitable death, whilst collecting coins and avoiding enemies. The longer the ...
8. The Platformer
Description: The platformer needs to move on to reach the flag to unlock to the new level. Meanwhile needs to stomp on the insects and their eggs(the red ones). The Platformer has got firing ability to ...
9. Snack Time
Description: Help little wildboar to grab enough acorns to keep him feed through the winter! Grab at least 3 acorns on each level to proceed. Content Rating: Everyone.Control Scheme:  ...
10. Gravity Racer
Gravity Racer - on Games For Game - GFG div#all { width: 640px; height:520px;  ...
11. Ninja Panda Couple
... you beat this training course and become a full fledged ninja panda either on 1 player or on a 2 player mode with your panda wife? Addictive, fun platformer everyone can enjoy.  ...
12. Tricky Rick
Tricky Rick - on Games For Game - GFG div#all { width: 640px; height:520px;  ...
13. Crashbot
Description: Crashbot is a little robot who got stuck in post apocalypse world. Your mission is take the robot out of this world by killing enemies, escaping obstacles and not fail to the death.Content ...
14. Wacky Ballz Jump
Description: Reach for the top in Wacky Ballz Jump! See how high you can get bouncing off different obstacles in this fun and addictive platform game. Collect stars to unlock new balls and abilities to ...
15. Resurrection Genesis
Description: The gaming experience is a combination of adventure, platforms and puzzle. Although some influences can be seen, the game has a very distinctive, dark atmosphere, and it still keeps its own ...
16. Snowball in Hell
... bonus points by rolling over little devils. Beware though, you must attack them from behind, otherwise they will use their pitchforks to push you off platforms. Control Scheme:  ...
17. Squario 2
Description: A mario-like platformer game. Go through 16 levels, defeat enemies and collect diamonds! Content rating: Everyone. Control Scheme:  ...
18. Quick Switch
Description: You will need quick reactions if you wish to successfully activate the platforms and get your ball to the target. Activate platforms snappily and in succsession to ready them for your ...
19. Mad Gallop
Description: Take Menewsha’s own too-hawt-for-television celebrity Afrodonkey on a mad gallop over desert and jungle terrain in another home-brewed Menewsha original game. Use the up arrow to jump ...
20. Stewie Wednesday Killer
Description: This is Stewie\'s final revenge to all his stupid family members. Equiped with a ray-gun he\'s on a rampage to eliminate everyone. Help Stewie and be quick and sharp to be successful. Instructions: ...


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