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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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1. Penguin Run - Jump & Slide
... sliding and jumping the penguin. In this game you can also, save high scores so, run like the wind, increase your scores and climb the online leaderboards. Have fun with this amazing free running adventure! ...
2. Pro BMX Challenge
Description: Do you like BMX? Well, play Pro BMX Challenge and become a real pilot! Use the keyboard to move the bike and jumps great! Play now this free driving game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control ...
3. Winder Insomnia
Description: Help our friends hedgehogs to jump and roll to catch food. Complete all the levels! Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: Mouse     ...
4. The Lonely King
Description: The lonely king is an adventurous game. The king is alone in his castle and everybody disappeared. Help him to find a Magic cornet to recover all his subjects. Play this free adventure game. ...
5. Jump to Sky
Description: A crazy robot wants to reach sky. Unfortunately it can't fly but, to reach her goal, it can jump through to sky. Be carefull of angry birds and don't forget to collect metals and increase ...
6. Skating Blocks
Description: The player is placed in the role of a blue blob, who must jump from platform to platform in order to delay his inevitable death, whilst collecting coins and avoiding enemies. The longer the ...
7. Dangerous Drifting
Description: Jump in the field of action with our new racing game Dangerous Drifting. You can choose from three supercars, two of them that you have to unlock first throughout the ten levels available. ...
8. Rash Rider
Description: Rash your bike on the street and perform high speed jumps. Avoid pit holes and other obstacles on your way. Balance your bike without falling down to complete the level. All the best. Play ...
9. The Platformer
Description: The platformer needs to move on to reach the flag to unlock to the new level. Meanwhile needs to stomp on the insects and their eggs(the red ones). The Platformer has got firing ability to ...
10. Bloosso Run
... Everyone.Instructions: Avoid various obstacles by jumping over them or sliding. Control jump height by holding jump key longer for big jumps and shorter for small jumps. Collect coins and other valuable ...
11. Running Warrior
... Content rating: Everyone.Control Scheme: jump: up movement: wasd  ...
12. Strike Force Heroes
...  E or Ctrl: Activate Killstreak Q or Shift: Switch Weapon R: Reload S or Down: Crouch W, Up, or Space: Jump WASD or ...
13. Wacky Ballz Jump
Description: Reach for the top in Wacky Ballz Jump! See how high you can get bouncing off different obstacles in this fun and addictive platform game. Collect stars to unlock new balls and abilities to ...
14. Resurrection Genesis
...  S: Jump movement: arrow Resurrection Genesis on GamesForGame ...
15. Machineman Alliance
... now Machineman Alliance on gamesforgame.com!Content rating: Everyone.Instructions: 1P:Move with 'AD', Jump with 'W', Attack/Charge/Open power switch with 'S' 2P:Move with '??', Jump with '?', Attack/Charge/Open ...
16. Snowball in Hell
...  devils. Content rating: Everyone. Instructions: ARROW keys to move and jump. Hold arrow key for higher jumps. Stay alive as long as possible and earn ...
17. Memory
... a square to reveal picture. Match two pictures in the least amount of time possible.Control Scheme: jump: left mouse  ...
...  fire: space jump: up  ...
19. Squario 2
...  X: Fire Z: Jump movement: arrow  ...
20. Frog Adventure
Description: Stay Away from Red Bugs Eat only Black Bugs Make a High Score. Content rating: Everyone. Instructions: Use UP Arrow KeyTo Jump Left and Right Arrow Keys to Move ...


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