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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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1. Priest vs Evil
Priest vs Evil - on Games For Game - GFG Description:  ...
2. Ninja Mu
... is a game of strategy. A good ninja tries to save his girl from the devil in this tower defense game. There are twelve levels waiting for him, Which will take a year to defeat the devil. Good Luck! Play ...
3. DV8
(Games/Multiplayer & Social Games)
... the evil mods. Classed as a “deviant” you have to work hard and fight many tough battles in order to liberate the world. Are you ready? Content rating: Everyone.  ...
4. Underworld
(Games/Multiplayer & Social Games)
... of modern gaming. Allow yourself to become totally immersed into a completely new world full of evil vampires, possessed wild animals and the most gruesome creatures imaginable. As one of the fiercest ...
5. Evil Zombie
Description: Evil Zombie is a game of strategy. Delete all the zombies but watch out for people. Get the coins and level up! Have fun with this free strategy game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: ...
6. Galactic Cats
Description: An evil, if provoked, hamster threatens to destroy the galaxy! It's up to four "brave" cats to stop him before he unleashes his super weapon and destroys all cat kind. 1 player or 2 players ...
7. Running Warrior
Description: Your loved one has been kidnapped by a evil wizard. Explore the 4 different levels you should master all jobs and skills to save her. Instructions: Evade enemies and obtacles in your way. ...
8. Magic Mayhem
Description: “Welcome O’ powerful sorcerer! Alas, evil beings are being spawned all across the Mystic Land. You need to use all your talents and magical powers to defend it. Controls : Mouse to aim. Left ...
9. Snowball in Hell
...  devils. Content rating: Everyone. Instructions: ARROW keys to move and jump. Hold arrow key for higher jumps. Stay alive as long as possible and earn ...
10. Revenge of the Marshmallow
Description: Control a fire-breathing cow as you attempt to save the world from a giant evil Marshmallow of DOOM! Content Rating: Everyone.Instructions: Use WASD to move. Click and hold to breath fire. ...
11. Starmageddon
Description: Those evil aliens are at it again, invading our little corner of the galaxy once more, trying to conquer the Earth, enslave all mankind and in a word, whatnot. Will they never learn that ...
12. Earth Onslaught
... Captain Samael to man earths last inter-orbit defence station and hold off the poor speaking Bhal Zaggoth and his evil alien forces. Upgrade your firepower and defences, buy air and ground units to patrol ...
Description: Fight as Mr. Incredible, the funny hero of the computer animated Disney movies, against evil syndrome robots! Defeat the foes and earn points with successful attacks to unlock special moves. ...
14. Mario Super
Description: Play as famous plumber named Mario. Hi is on journey now and must save the princess Peach to save her life. Defeat evil Bowser and his minions in colorful adventure filled with evil minions ...
15. Adrenaline Challenge
Description: Pump up your adrenaline by driving your motor bike through the winding levels in this awesome game. Play now adrenaline challenge. Content Rating: Everyone.       ...
16. Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Description: It is up to the power rangers to save the day from the evil doers. Fight through different levels and play as different power rangers. Play now the Power Rangers Dino Thunder game. Content ...
17. Phantasia
(Downloadable Games/Arcade)
... dwarves from the evil wizard\'s tower in this new arcade game.   Screenshots:     Game features: * 30 unique levels * use different bonuses to save the dwarves * collect ...
18. Archmage
(Downloadable Games/Action)
...      ArchMage is an action game set in a fantasy world. The Great Mages who protect the peaceful Lake Shire have grown weak and an evil Demon overlord and his hordes of monsters have emerged ...
19. Magic Spells
Description: Type magic words to outsmart the evil witch. Fun way to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Amazing graphics and great sounds will keep you hooked until the end. Content Rating: Everyone. ...
20. Blade Striker
Description: Fly your Blade Striker chopper through 10 exhilerating levels to take down an evil drug baron with extreme force. A great shoot-em-up with mission based objectives, loads of weapons and upgrades. ...


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