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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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1. Flying Pirate
(Android Apps/Android Games)
... finger. ••• To increase the pirate's speed take the bottle. ••• To attract the coins take the magnet. ••• Avoid and don't clash with the cannonball, the sword, the ship's anchor and the angry Jolly Roger ...
2. Chick Cannon 2
...  In this funny game you must help the chick to return to her house. With your skills, shoot the cannonballs and use the items in the level to get the chick rolling or flying. It is a funny physics puzzle ...
3. Priest vs Evil
... disease. You're no peace-loving pastor, though, you're a vengeful priest who's not afraid to get His hands dirty to save the town! Pick up every weapon you can, from baseball bats to flamethrowers in your ...
4. Dino Basketball
Dino Basketball - on Games For Game - GFG Description:  ...
5. Winder Insomnia
Description: Help our friends hedgehogs to jump and roll to catch food. Complete all the levels! Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: Mouse     ...
6. Pang in Space
Description: In Space Pang is a game of skill. Move quickly the robot to avoid the balls, use the laser to destroy them and level up! Play now this free shooting game. Instructions: use arrow keys to ...
7. BallMatch
Description: BallMatch is a physics based match style game with a soccer theme. Destroy all the balls by clicking them in groups of at least 2 of the same colors. Play now this free puzzle game and increase ...
8. Super Maze Ball
Description: In this cool maze game your goal is to get the red ball to the finish line which is where the green ball is located. Avoid making contact with the walls as you will explode and restart the ...
9. Cannon Basketball 2
... basket first before you can put a ball into it. On some stages, you will have to use a teleporter to reach the basket. The game becomes more addictive as you climb up the level ladder and open new puzzles ...
10. Ninja Referee
... as a ninja referee and use your slicing skills to slice different kinds of sports balls, like basket balls and soccer balls and disco balls! Use your mouse to click and drag across the screen. Slice balloons ...
11. Fluffies Pop Pop Pop
... Pop Pop Pop is a balloon popping game. You are a little bunny armed with gun shooting a whole bunch of suction cup darts. If you get hit by a balloon a couple of times you get sucked into it and the game ...
12. Simple motions 2
Description: Control the creature collecting stars along the way and reach the red flag to complete the level.Content rating: Everyone.Instructions: Place the available tools on the playing field that ...
13. Wizard Walls
Description: Arcade defense game featuring original gameplay. Save sheep, cover the engineer and caravans, protect the balloon and keep vicious trolls and goblins away from your soldiers. Content rating: ...
14. Straight to the exit 2
15. Wacky Ballz Jump
Description: Reach for the top in Wacky Ballz Jump! See how high you can get bouncing off different obstacles in this fun and addictive platform game. Collect stars to unlock new balls and abilities to ...
16. Carneval popper
Description: Start a chainreaction and get your ball to pop other balls. But you only have one click... Content rating: Everyone. Instructions: Click the mouse to add your ball, lean back and let the ...
17. Snowball in Hell
Description: You are a snowball in hell and have to stay alive as long as possible. Collect snowflakes and grow bigger. Avoid falling into the bottomless pit and burn out while fighting off pesky little ...
18. Bad day of Balloon
Description: In this game you control a balloon who has really bad day. Play now Bad day of Balloon on Games For Game! Content rating: Everyone.Instructions: Use the arrow keys or wasd to avoid the knives ...
19. Quick Switch
Description: You will need quick reactions if you wish to successfully activate the platforms and get your ball to the target. Activate platforms snappily and in succsession to ready them for your ...
20. iPirates
... slice cannon ball. Use mouse to armor your cannons. Content rating: Everyone.        ...


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