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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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1. Helicopter Flying Desert
Description: “Helicopter Flying Desert” is a 2D side-scrolling game, with endless gameplay. You are a helicopter pilot on a mission of war in the desert. Unfortunately, the combat gunship can't shoot ...
2. Penguin Run - Jump & Slide
Description: Unlike the other birds, the penguins cannot fly in the air, so they must runs over the antarctic glacier and the pack ice. But be careful! You have to avoid the obstacles along the run by ...
3. Flying Pirate
(Android Apps/Android Games)
... finger. ••• To increase the pirate's speed take the bottle. ••• To attract the coins take the magnet. ••• Avoid and don't clash with the cannonball, the sword, the ship's anchor and the angry Jolly Roger ...
4. 3D Atv Rider
... and coins, avoid some type of obstacles, to prove your ATV driving skills in different ways and even to go on a kamikaze mission. While on the road, grab as many silver coins as you can because you can ...
5. Fruit Panic
... Get the good fruits into the bucket and avoid the rotten fruits. Content rating: EveryoneControl Scheme:  ...
6. Highway Race in Egypt
...  Highway Race in Egypt is a very fun game. Driving a motorcycle on a highway through desolate deserts of Egypt. To reach the destination must avoid all obstacles, with which you are, changing lanes ...
7. Udder Chaos
Description: Udder Chaos is a very fun game. You are in possession of a wheat field, but the cows you want to eat it. Use the slingshot and avoid your loss! Play this free shooting game. Content Rating: ...
8. Elevatorz Blitz
Description: Elevatorz Blitz is a very fun game. Go up the stairs avoiding the elevators, but watch the time! Have fun with this free action game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme:  ...
9. Desert Strike
Description: Desert Strike is an adventurous game. Fly in the sky of desert and avoid the obstacles to arrive to your destination. Have fun with this free adventure game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control ...
10. Dog And The Mushrooms
Description: Dog And The Mushrooms is a very funny game. The aim is to help the dog to pick up the mushrooms and to put them in a basket. Pay attention to the black mushrooms are toxic! Use your mouse ...
11. Pang in Space
Description: In Space Pang is a game of skill. Move quickly the robot to avoid the balls, use the laser to destroy them and level up! Play now this free shooting game. Instructions: use arrow keys to ...
12. Flood Rush
Description: Flood Rush is a fun game. Finally it's summer, and it is time to sea! Use the watercraft to the sea of California! Have fun with this free sports game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control ...
13. The Great Robbery
Description: Do you like driving? And if you were a thief? In Great Robbery you must steal gold and avoid the police. You will be the most famous thief of the City! Play this free driving game. Content ...
14. The Road is Mine
Description: The Road is Mine is a driving game. It is divided into different levels and the difficulty increases. Show to be a real pilot avoiding all the obstacles. Use the arrows keys to move your ...
15. Grab the Jelly
... on a plate avoiding different obstacles. In Grab the Jelly, you grab and throw the jelly with your mouse. Play this free skill game through 24 unique levels and collect all 72 stars.Content Rating: Everyone. ...
16. Super Maze Ball
Description: In this cool maze game your goal is to get the red ball to the finish line which is where the green ball is located. Avoid making contact with the walls as you will explode and restart the ...
17. Skating Blocks
Description: The player is placed in the role of a blue blob, who must jump from platform to platform in order to delay his inevitable death, whilst collecting coins and avoiding enemies. The longer the ...
18. Rash Rider
Description: Rash your bike on the street and perform high speed jumps. Avoid pit holes and other obstacles on your way. Balance your bike without falling down to complete the level. All the best. Play ...
19. Boat Parking Game
... to park your boat in the designated parking spot but avoid damaging other boats. Content rating: EveryoneControl Scheme:  ...
20. Taxi Race
(Free Games For Your Site/Free Games For Your Site)
Description: Drive your crazy taxi around, avoid other cars and collect stars on the way. Play now Taxi Race on Games For Game! Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: movement: arrow    ...


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