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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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1. Zoo Parking
... parking is the best of two worlds. Its a animal game and a car parking game. Transport the zoo's exotic animals to the zoo vet for checkups. The zoo lanes are narrow and driving with a trailer on them ...
2. Mate
... great and fun physics puzzle game, full of colors and animals. Protect the mates from bees and other enemies. Click the objects and try to get the mates together. Click the green to grow red-and-click ...
3. Donkey Light Fire
...  A long time ago, there is no electricity. So all animals has to light up the fire to keep it light. In this game, a cute donkey wants to light up all the fire. Help him. Good luck. Use the mouse to ...
4. Underworld
(Games/Multiplayer & Social Games)
... of modern gaming. Allow yourself to become totally immersed into a completely new world full of evil vampires, possessed wild animals and the most gruesome creatures imaginable. As one of the fiercest ...
5. Need A Hero
Description: Need hero is a very simple and funny game. Help our young friend to save the entrapped mouses by using arrows! Have fun with this free skill game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: ...
6. Winder Insomnia
Description: Help our friends hedgehogs to jump and roll to catch food. Complete all the levels! Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: Mouse     ...
7. PumpCat
Description: Pumpcat is an ability game. Use your mouse to move the sling and to shoot against cats. Win all the levels thanks to your skills! Play now this free skill game. Content Rating: Everyone. ...
8. Udder Chaos
Description: Udder Chaos is a very fun game. You are in possession of a wheat field, but the cows you want to eat it. Use the slingshot and avoid your loss! Play this free shooting game. Content Rating: ...
9. Dog And The Mushrooms
Description: Dog And The Mushrooms is a very funny game. The aim is to help the dog to pick up the mushrooms and to put them in a basket. Pay attention to the black mushrooms are toxic! Use your mouse ...
10. Dragoniada
Description: Dragoniada is a game in which our dragon friend needs you. Help him to pass the levels in caves and forests but be careful the enemies are hidden everywhere. Content Rating: Everyone. Control ...
11. Magic Seahorse
(Games/Dress up)
Description: Magic Seahorse is a game for girls. Who likes seahorses? Well, now you have the opportunity to dress your Seahorse up! Play this free girls game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: ...
12. Kong Climb
Description: Kong climb is a very funny game. Let king kong higher as you can while buildings are falling down. Pay attention not to slide! Play now this free skill game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control ...
13. Walking Mimi
(Games/Dress up)
Description: Our friend Mimi is at the park with her friends: a small dog and a tender cat. Help her to choose beautiful clothes for herself and her friends. Walking Mimi helps you to create your perfect ...
14. Lost Animals
Description: Lost Animals is a strategy game. Catch all the animals escaped using your cannon, but watch the time! Play this free strategy game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme:  ...
15. Cat Sledding
Description: If you love cats play with Cats Sledding. This cat loves to play snow sports overcome the obstacles and Win many prizes. Help him to pass all the levels. Play this free skill game. Content ...
16. Cactus Hunter 2
Description: In this multilanguage (you can choose between English, French and Russian) game you're a cactus and a hunter and you've to kill all the bad animals. In this 20 levels game, you have to kill ...
17. Feed Me Moar
Description: Following an experiment, the ordinary hamsters and other lab animals have become a real problem: big and very hungry monsters. Your task now is to feed these creatures. Play now this free ...
18. Bunny & Eggs 2
Description: It's almost Easter! Help the bunny to find all the Easter eggs! Shoot the bunnies to the eggs. Play now Bunny & Eggs 2 on gamesforgame.com! Content Rating: Everyone.Control Scheme:  ...
19. Mia and her Pets
(Games/Dress up)
... Mia, our lovely girl who adores animals. Today she is going on a walk, so help her pick the best outfit for this occasion! Content rating: EveryoneControl ...
20. Redneck vs Zombies
... is fighting against hordes of animal zombies! Shoot all the zombie animals to survive! With 20 thrilling waves and 12 enemy types. Content rating: ...


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